CMS was founded as a mechanical fabrication and installation company and we continue to have strong self-performance capability in this area. In the nearly 15 years we have been in business, we have expanded our profile from a commercial/industrial-only company to a federal Department of Defense (DoD) contractor and have performed government construction at the state, local, and university levels as well. We have also evolved from a mechanical-only contractor to a general contractor with experience a wide range of categories that include:

  • Design-build
  • Design-bid-build
  • Vertical construction
  • Horizontal/civil construction
  • New construction
  • Repairs, renovations, upgrades

CMS has performed work for various industries within the federal and commercial/industrial realms, as well as specialty design and construction, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainable energy upgrades
  • Medical buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • County courthouses
  • Ballistically hardened buildings and arsenals
  • Anti-terrorism/force protection (ATFP)


In addition to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method, CMS is also an experienced design-build contractor. We have developed strong partnerships with respected design firms to create functional and efficient facilities. We work closely with our designers to ensure the scope of work meets or exceeds client expectations. We integrate the design and construction teams at the very beginning of each project to ensure a clear understanding of project objectives. Our construction team works with the design team to promote the use of methods and materials that are relative to the logistical and constructability aspects of each project.

During construction, the design team continues to be involved in the project by working with on-site staff to strengthen quality
controls and ensure the work adheres to design documents.

Repairs and Renovations

Changing and improving an existing facility can transform its functionality and add decades to its useful life, but renovations and repairs can also be challenging. Inconsistencies ranging from outdated blueprints to encountering unforeseen code compliance issues and obsolete workmanship frequently create the need for problem-solving during construction. Also, this category of construction often requires working in occupied facilities. CMS has extensive experience performing both vertical and horizontal construction repairs, upgrades, reinforcement, additions, demolition, and complete or partial renovations, and we have developed strategies and written procedures for handling unforeseen circumstances in an effective and systematic way. And our site supervisors are frequently commended by our customers for working effectively in occupied facilities in a manner that minimizes or eliminates impact to their ongoing mission. CMS prides itself on our ability to maneuver adeptly in the most unexpected circumstances at any phase of a repair or renovation project, and our positive customer reviews affirm our success!

New Construction

Ground-up, new construction projects performed by CMS include, among others, the Combat Support Vehicle Maintenance Facility at Andersen Air Force Base; the Muscatatuck Subterranean Training Facility — a military cave complex training environment in Butlerville, Indiana; and the Port Operations Waterfront Facility at Marine Corps Support Facility, Blount Island, Jacksonville, Florida. For each new construction project, CMS performs a comprehensive review and discussion of the contract documents with our client and all team members to affirm our understanding of the client’s goals and vision for the new facility, inside and out. We provide detailed and ongoing scheduling and procurement to ensure manpower and equipment are always on site when needed for on-time delivery. And we keep diligent records during all phases the project for project transparency, customer review, and accurate as-built drawings. Design-build new construction projects involve close coordination between the design and construction teams under one project manager.

Historical Renovation

History is important. Every building classified as Historic is important. It is standing evidence of where Americans have been and can help guide us to where we are going. CMS is a company that recognizes the importance of historic preservation and does its part to ensure that Historic Buildings receive the latest and best in preservation methods, beginning with consulting with professionals. As part of our contract with Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, CMS was required to preserve bullet holes from World War II artillery. When performing HVAC repairs at the Monterey, California Naval Postgraduate School’s historic Herrmann Hall, running a ventilation duct to the building’s exterior required a special permit, which was granted only  when we could demonstrate that our work would be in full compliance with the building’s original characteristics and types of materials. CMS typically builds in additional time for Historic building projects for consultation, due process, and acquiring permits.