CMS Wins $2.4M Fuels Project in Puerto Rico

Maumee, OH – CMS Corporation (CMS), an experienced Department of Defense general contractor, has been awarded a $2.4M project to repair fuel Tank 1 at Luis Muñoz Marin Air National Guard Base (ANGB) in Puerto Rico. This task order was awarded under CMS’s Regional Engineering & Construction (RE&C) East Region prime contract with the US Air Force.  This will be CMS’s second project at Luis Muñoz Marin ANGB, following the reconstruction of Tank 34 and repairs to a Vehicle Fueling Station (VFS) performed under a previous $6.1M task order.

This task order entails the repair of Tank 1, a 1,786-BBL (75,000 gallon) tank, which is currently out of service.  Interior repairs include replacing the internal floating pan, internal pipe supports, stilling wells, ladder, and issue and receipt lines.  Exterior repairs include replacing the roof guardrail and vent/inspection hatches, piping, nozzles, alarms, installing an external spiral stairway, grounding and davit arm. Once repairs are completed, CMS will blast and recoat the tank. This project will take roughly one year to complete.

Company CEO, Ernest Enrique, stated, “We look forward to the opportunity to continue fuels work at Luis Muñoz Marin ANGB.  We are well versed in the logistics of working at island locations and have solid knowledge of this particular Caribbean locale, as we recently completed work on the tank adjacent to Tank 1. This institutional knowledge, combined with our robust and growing worldwide fuels program, will ensure the successful delivery of the project in support of the base mission and the US Air Force.”

CMS Awarded $5.4M Fuels Project in Bahamas

MAUMEE, OH – CMS Corporation (CMS), an experienced Department of Defense construction prime contractor, announced today it has been awarded a $5.4M project to clean and repair seven fuel tanks at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) located at Naval Station Andros Island in the Bahamas. Located just west of Nassau and roughly 180 nautical miles southeast of West Palm Beach, FL, the AUTEC is a laboratory that performs integrated 3-D hydrospace/aerospace trajectory measurements covering the entire spectrum of undersea simulated warfare — calibration,  classifications, detection and destruction. The AUTEC mission is to assist in establishing and maintaining naval ability of the United States through testing, evaluation and underwater research.

Under this project, CMS will make repairs to seven tanks, including such items as high/low level alarms, platforms and stairs, valves and flanges, piping, and areas where the coatings have failed. The tanks contain either Jet A-1 fuel, diesel fuel or MOGAS and are all currently “in service.” The project will be phased, so only one tank of a given fuel type is taken out of service at a time. The period of performance for this project is 18 months.

This award was made under CMS’s Worldwide Engineering and Construction prime contract with the U.S. Air Force.

Company CEO Ernest Enrique noted, “This project has a number of unique challenges above and beyond working during a pandemic, including limited site access, the logistics of getting equipment and materials to the island, and the potential for weather impacts during the hurricane season. CMS is currently executing another large fuels project in the Caribbean – a $5.4M tank repair and vehicle refueling station project at Luis Munoz Marin Air National Guard Base, Puerto Rico – and is well versed in managing these unique challenges. We look forward to executing this project in support of the AUTEC mission.”

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