VPSA VS-120L Plant Piping Installation

Location:   Nucor Steel Plant, Plymouth, UT
Client:   Praxair, Inc.
Project Value: $670K
Completion:   2008

CMS provided and installed over 3,000 LF of mechanical piping and various control valves for a new Vacuum Pressure Swing Absorption (VPSA) VS-120L oxygen plant. We prefabricated all pipe spools in-house prior to field installation to reduce cost. This project involved the use of various types (carbon steel, stainless steel, monnel, and copper) and sizes (from 48” to 1/2”) of mechanical piping run in tight quarters. We performed extensive oxygen cleaning on prefabrications and marked spools for easy installation. We then performed an extensive site layout

and set the equipment using large cranes (some up to 100,000 lbs). While the equipment was being set, crews performed extensive motor alignment on the Aerzen blower train, which included a double-ended drive motor, two speed-reducing gearboxes, one feed blower and one vacuum blower. All welds were TIG rooted for cleanliness for oxygen use. CMS then performed pre-ground and final alignment and poured with epoxy grout. CMS performed 10% radiograph inspection (non-destructive testing) to ASME B31.3 code.