Replace High Temp Hot Water

Replace High Temperature Hot Water Pipeline

Location:  US Air Force Academy, CO
Client: US Air Force
Completion:   2008
Value: $2M

  • Completed one month ahead of schedule.
  • Earned an Outstanding performance rating from client.

Open Trench Pipe Replacement

CMS fabricated, transported installed over 6,000 LF of piping to serve the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. With the demolition of the existing piping system and replacement with new hydronic piping, extensive excavation was required in addition to coordinating the removal of the old and delivery/installation of the new. Re-routing was required to enhance performance from the original layout.


This project was an open-trench installation of 6,320 LF of 16-inch diameter prefabricated hydronic pipe. It included the installation of two new high temperature hot water (HTHW) circulation pumps with digital controls, three 10’ x 10’ precast HTHW valve vaults, and 600 LF of welded 6-inch steel pipe for all interior HTHW requirements. More than 3,000 LF of asbestos contaminated pipe was abated both above and below ground.