Renovation of the SGT JH Cooney US Army Reserve Center

Location: Milan, OH
Client: US Army
Completion: 2017
Value: $5.3M


  • Design-Build
  • Renovations and additions to 18,000 SF of US Army Reserve facility
  • Sustainable design and LEED features

Role in US National Defense

The US Army Reserve (USAR) is the federal reserve force of the US Army. Together the USAR and the Army National Guard constitute the Army element of the Reserve components of the US Armed Forces. USAR is a peacetime pool of trained Reserve officers and enlisted men for use in war. The Cooney US Army Reserve Center (USARC) in Milan, OH provides meeting and training facilities for regional support of Army Reserve personnel.


This design-build project renovates approximately 13,000-SF of an existing training building and an approximate 4,300-SF organizational maintenance shop. The project also requires an addition of approximately 710 SF to the organizational maintenance shop. Repairs to the facilities include extensive refurbishing of the HVAC systems, mechanical systems, security systems, electrical systems and all interior spaces. Physical security measures are incorporated in the design, including entry control points, maximum standoff distance from roads, parking areas, and vehicle unloading areas. Berms, heavy landscaping, and bollards are used to prevent access when standoff distances cannot be maintained.

This project includes a variety of sustainable design features for the building as well as low-impact design techniques for the site to help the project achieve LEED Silver Certification.