Ozone Systems/Ozone Neutralization System (ONS) Refurbishment
City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: Reynolds, Inc.
Project Value: $1.9M
Completion: 2008

CMS was subcontracted by Reynolds, Inc. to fabricate and install over 6,000 LF of process piping and perform other mechanical scopes of work at two Wastewater Treatment Plants in south-Indianapolis communities. Our responsibility included providing special-function process piping for various ozone neutralization systems (ONSs) that purify wastewater to potable standards. Work included:

  • Fabricate and install over 6,000 LF of stainless steel piping
  • Refurbish diffusion system piping
  • Clean existing piping
  • Pneumatically test all oxygen, ozone, and chilled water pipes
  • Clean and inspect all inline devices to CGA G-4.1 and B31.3 standards and specifications
  • Install expansion joints, butterfly valves, isolation valves, and flow valves in the supply lines
    CMS scheduled all work to prevent interruption to ongoing operations at the AWT facility.