DTA TACOM Miscellaneous Repairs, Bldg. 230, US Army Tank Automotive Command

Location: Detroit Arsenal, Warren, MI
Client: US Army
Completion: 2018
Value: $3.6M


  • Award of Excellence in Construction, Federal Government/Military/Under $10M category, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Indiana/Kentucky Chapter, 2018
  • Multi-building renovation project
  • D-B interior reconfiguration resulted in 35 new offices, 4 printer/copier and file rooms, conference and team rooms, and 200 work stations

Role in US National Defense

The Detroit Arsenal (DTA) was the first manufacturing plant ever built for the mass production of tanks in the US, with its top production years occurring between 1941 and 1945. Today a portion of the original plant remains an active Army facility that houses several defense agencies, including the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command.


CMS managed a design-build (DB) project for the complete renovation of Building 230, consisting of the Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC) North, ILSC East, and ILSC West. The renovation included interior finishes and furniture. Upon completing the base contract, CMS was granted the project’s single option, which included upgrading the existing HVAC system and installing an additional HVAC unit.

Interior Reconfiguration. The interior scope of work included extensive interior renovation. We added walls to create new rooms and spaces, as well as new fire-rated doors with frames and hardware. Interior renovations included installing carpet tile flooring and rubber base; painting all walls, columns, doors, and trim; installing new HVAC vents, diffusers and return grilles; refinishing all surfaces; and adding interior signage and fire extinguishers with cabinets to achieve the appearance of a completely new area. In the ILSC North area, we reconfigured the area for 15 new offices; 2 areas for printers, copiers, and file cabinets; a 12-person Conference Room with a video telecommunication conference (VTC) system; a kitchenette/break room; and 50 workstations. In the ILSC East area, we create 10 new offices; a printer/copier and file room; a 6-person Team Room; and 75 workstations. Finally, in the ILSC West area, we reconfigured the area for 10 new offices; a printer/copier and file room; and 75 workstations.

HVAC Renovation. The HVAC scope of work required a comprehensive analysis of the existing HVAC system to determine new ventilation requirements and new cooling load for the areas served by the AHU. Our analysis showed where supplemental cooling was needed to meet the new load requirements. The mechanical upgrades required that the air distribution system be reconfigured, and new heating and cooling zones created. A direct digital control (DDC) system was installed for maximum control of heating/cooling output by building managers from on- or off-site.

As the prime contractor for this $3.6M multiple-building renovation project, CMS was responsible for meeting all of the Army’s requirements and expectations for constructability, design, function, operation, and life span. We were also responsible for ensuring that the upgrades, repairs, and newly-installed systems integrated seamlessly with the Detroit Arsenal’s other buildings and finishes. Overall, we provided aesthetically pleasing, comfortable space for Army personnel that was like-new, durable, maintainable and sustainable.