Design-Build Recapitalize Deep Draft Berthing Wharf C “Charlie”-2

Location: Naval Station, Mayport, FL
Client: US Navy
Completion: 2017
Value: $26.5M


  • Upgraded and restored Wharf C-2, which was deteriorated from age and corrosion
  • Increased Wharf C-2’s maximum load handling and overall functionality
  • Increased Wharf C-2’s safety standards for Navy personnel

Role in US National Defense

Naval Station (NS) Mayport is one of three major Navy installations in the Jacksonville, FL area. Its mission is to sustain and enhance warfighter readiness. The recapitalized Wharf Charlie-2 berths multiple ships for loading and unloading cargo (including ordnance) and Navy personnel.


The objective of this project was to perform subaqueous/subterranean construction and repairs to result in extending the life of Wharf C-2 by 50 years. Wharf C “Charlie”-2 is one of two primary carrier piers (C-1 and C-2), both of which serve specialized services and are critical to the defense mission that is carried out in the Mayport Basin at Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, FL. The project’s period of performance was delayed by almost two years by a post-award order to perform an Environmental Assessment (EA) in the interest of protecting marine life in the Mayport Basin. The objective of the assessment was to measure the degree of incidental disturbance to marine life when using a vibratory method to drive piles. Two species of marine mammals were singled out as at-risk. In May 2014, the Office of Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration authorized an incidental harassment authorization (IHA) for a period of time during which the method could be utilized, which allowed the project to go forward under a strictly-enforced environmental directive.