Design-Bid-Build Waterfront Emergency Generators

Location:   Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA
Client:   US Navy
Completion:   2015


  • New construction of a ballistically hardened emergency generator building to minimize risks associated with natural disaster, blasts/ballistic attack, CBRN, EMP/HEMP
  • Weapons movement: During the movement of weapons the CMS crew was not allowed to be outdoors at the project site; CMS scheduled work around this factor so that work performed indoors would be performed during extended periods set aside for weapons movement

Role in US National Defense

Naval Submarine Base (NSB) Kings Bay, GA is the home port for US Navy Fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons. Its mission is to provide support to Fleet, Fighter, and Family.


This project consisted of the construction of a 7,535-SF ballistically-hardened emergency generator building to house and support two emergency backup generators, switchgear and control equipment. Included in the scope is an overhead bridge crane, external underground fuel storage, and utility and site improvements. The project also required climate-controlled space for all switchgear and generator controls and fire protection throughout. It includes a walled courtyard to house mechanical equipment such as, engine mufflers, heat exchangers, diesel engine intake air filter boxes and heat pumps. Just beyond the mechanical yard is the underground emergency fuel storage system. This area is made up of two underground fuel storage tanks, an underground containment tank, a truck fill area for offloading fuel and controls for the systems fueling and leak detection systems. Underground electrical feeders provide emergency power distribution through secure manholes and bullet-resistant aboveground structures to various facilities along the Waterfront Restricted Area in the event of a power outage. The site improvements include an asphalt access roadway, paved parking and storm water drainage features.

The new facility is an enclosed cast-in-place and precast concrete building with an EIFS finish. The main portion of the building is two stories with a one-story section having a walled-in area and the other side of the building having a removable wall in the event the generators would ever need to be removed/replaced. The ballistic screen wall is constructed of concrete masonry units with a concrete wall cap and ballistically rated mechanical gates. The main two-story section houses the two generators, while the smaller one-story section is the control room, housing the switchgear. It includes a bathroom. Interior finishes for the generator room includes painting concrete walls and ceilings, and sealing the concrete floor. The control room and bathroom are painted drywall with VCT flooring.

The site for the facility is raised approximately 7′ with structural fill, and the building foundations are spread footer style reinforced concrete over prepared subgrade. The screen wall foundations are CMU. The floors are concrete slab-on-grade, with the generator room having a built-in trench drain running around the raised generator pads.

The finished grade in the outside mechanical yard is aggregate base. New underground utility services include water, sanitary sewer with force main and lift station, fire supply water line and electrical and communications lines.