Design-Build Emergent Repairs for 6 STI Tanks

Location: Andersen AFB, Guam
Client: US Air Force
Completion: 2020
Value: $3.3M


  • Remove and replace 6 10,000-gal STI above-ground fuel tanks
  • Specialized POL work, including tank removal and replacement; fittings, piping, and appurtenances; anchoring; grounding; coatings; and foundations and containments
  • OCONUS work


CMS is executing a $3.3M D-B project to replaced 6 identical horizontal, self-contained 10,000-gal STI above-ground fuel tanks and associated tank appurtenances. Work includes existing tank removal and tank replacement with in-kind STI tanks per UL 2085 and all applicable STI, UFGS, NFPA and UFC 3-460-1 requirements. All tank appurtenances, fittings, level and overfill prevention equipment, inlet and outlet pipes, pipe supports, stairways and platforms are also being removed and replaced. A new grounding system will be installed, followed by commissioning.