Building 930 HVAC Repairs

Location: Fort Polk, LA
Client: US Army
Completion: 2017
Value: $3.6M


  • Design-Build
  • Demolish/remove existing HVAC system including process piping, electrical, mechanical
  • HAZMAT abatement

Role in US National Defense

Fort Polk, a US Army installation located in west central Louisiana, was built in World War II to serve as a basic training post. Today the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and other combat divisions on Base improve unit readiness by providing realistic arms training across a full spectrum of conflict scenarios.


Building 930 at Fort Polk houses the Bayou Theater, which serves the Base in the capacities of conference hall, large-scale training room, and entertainment for troops and their families, offering stage productions and movies.

CMS was responsible for repairing all mechanical systems in the building, including the stage area itself, including HVAC and HVAC infrastructure. The work required draining, capping, demolishing, and removing existing mechanical, electrical, ductwork, and plumbing, and replacing all with a new high-efficiency system and components. HAZMAT abatement was performed during and after demolition and prior to installing new equipment.

The scope also included placing new concrete equipment pads, new walls, and electrical conduit and lines; adding direct digital controls; performing TAB (test/adjust/balance) and commissioning of the new system prior to turnover to the Government.