Boiler House External Piping

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: Allison Transmission
Completion: 2018
Value: $1.9M


  • Bid-build new construction
  • Install over 6,000 LF of elevated process piping from one building to another
  • 400-foot crane work for lifting and placing materials
  • Welding


CMS was the prime contractor on this contract to install 6,800 LF of boiler piping from the rooftop of the new boiler house to the existing on-site plant, a distance of several hundred feet. The large piping systems, varying in size from 1.5” to 18” diameter, were routed across an above ground trestle.

The scope included mechanical, electrical, structural, and controls, and consisted of piping distribution systems for steam, make-up water, waste water, compressed air, and condensate return.

CMS performed on-site fabrication and welding of the various sizes of piping, both carbon steel (CS) and stainless steel (SS), as compatible with each system’s use and function. Also included was the installation of piping supports, hangers, rollers, slides, guides, and anchors to complete the installation of each piping system. A waste water pump was installed inside the new boiler house as well, and controls were provided for the new equipment.