Base Support for Hangars J and K Re-Paving, Cape Canaveral

Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
Client: US Air Force
Completion: 2018
Value: $2.3M


  • Design-Build

Role in US National Defense

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) is an installation of the US Air Force Space Command’s 45th Space Wing. The CCAFS Skid Strip provides a 10,000-foot runway close to the launch complexes for military aircraft delivering heavy and outsized payloads to the Cape. A number of American space exploration pioneering endeavors were launched from CCAFS, including the first US Earth satellite in 1958, first US astronaut in orbit (1962), and first US unmanned lunar landing (1966).


The primary scope of this design-build project was the removal and replacement of asphalt in the compound areas of Hangars J and K, the area outside to the main road, and a portion of the Technical Support Facility (TSF) parking area. Ancillary demolition work was performed, to include removing and over-paving existing site features, such as concrete pads. In addition to the paving work, CMS installed trailer tie-down anchors, a concrete utility trench with covers, pipe bollards, grounding and electrical vaults, light pole bases, and traffic signage.

New construction consisted of installing a new 1.5” potable water supply from Hangar J to the General Maintenance Building, and replacing two sanitary sewer lines with clean-outs tied into the existing sewer lines from Hangar J to the sewer manholes. Crews also relocated existing conduit and installed new 2.5” PVC communication conduit; removed and replaced portions of broken sidewalk and areas of concrete next to the building; corrected paved site elevations to eliminate drainage issues at the swale; installed new trailer tie-down anchors; and restriped new and renovated pavement.